Missions We Support

  • Cookson Hills

    For more than 50 years, Cookson Hills has continuously provided help to hurting families, hope to fuel the dreams of a restored life in Christ, and healing through a variety of therapeutic services. By helping children and their families of origin build stronger relationships with each other and with Christ, families find restoration, rediscover hope, and share a chance to dream together again.

    Set on more than 1,000 acres in the foothills of the Ozark Mountains in rural Northeastern Oklahoma, Cookson Hills provides a rustic and rewarding retreat for children requiring out-of-home care. We are licensed in the state of Oklahoma to provide residential and therapeutic services, as well as accredited education for children in grades 1-12.

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  • Salina Rescue Mission

    To provide Christian ministry to persons in need of food, shelter, clothing, or other basic needs, and to rehabilitate through teaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

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  • Manhattan Christian College

    Manhattan Christian College has been preparing Christians to be leaders for over 80 years! We're a small college in a safe environment where you will learn how your God-given talents will impact the future -- regardless of your chosen profession!

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  • CEA of Kansas

    C.E.A. - Christian Evangelizing Association of Kansas

    The C.E.A. has a three fold purpose.

    1. To establish new churches.

    2. To assist existing churches in need.

    3.To promote a spirit of brother hood among our churches.

    The C.E.A. believes every person in our state should have a viable community of faith as expressed in the New Testament within a reasonable driving distance. To effect the vision the C.E.A. is committed to beginning and strengthening congregations throughout the state that can obtain the abiliity to be self-supporting within a reasonable time frame.

  • CTN Missions

    Headed by Eldon & Sue Potts CTN (Christ To The Nations) Ministry works mainly in the Philippines . Eldon has established a Bible College there where those native to the Philippines can attend and then go out and start churches among their own people. It only takes a small amount in American dollars to support a man and his family in the Philippines, where as it would take much more for an American to take a family and live there. Mission trips are taken where Eldon recruits volunteers and they go train leaders and even build church buildings. In addition he also works with two children’s homes there.

  • Greater Europe Missions

    Nathan Beck is involved in reaching Europe, transforming lives, and touching the world in the Czech Republic. He works to show Jesus' love through service, and by building relationships with native Europeans and immigrants.

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